Since the Daughters of Trinity workshop at The Playwrights’ Center this past July, I haven’t been able to really fully adjust back to life here at school. When you get a taste of the cake you want to eat from for the rest of your life, how can you go back to vegetables, right?

I’ve been nominated for the Core Apprentice program over at the Center and I really, really want the opportunity to develop The Dog(run) Diaries with them. They’re an amazing group of theatre artists, really offering something irreplaceable to young writers and I think the play is an interesting, imaginative story that can benefit from the experience.

Because of the nature of the play I’m submitting, I’ve crafted my project proposal around the theme of “Reacquainted with the Imagination” Here’s part of my project proposal:

As children, mermaids taught us to breathe underwater, dragons gave us incendiary bravery and over sized beanstalks allowed us to have dreams. In our post-modern, media-distorted world, revisiting this sort of creativity can teach us more about ourselves then we perhaps recognize. The Playwrights’ Center will foster a new sort of imaginative exercise, perhaps the best one of all: crafting a deeply moving and engaging play that will leave impressions on audiences, reacquainting them with the imagination.

Crossed fingers.