I’m thoroughly convinced that Mother Nature is pissed off at me for (finally) buying a car. Also, I don’t want to perpetuate the stereotype of BMV workers being disgruntled, vile human beings but my experience with all (three) that I’ve encounter this weekend would prove quite in step with said stereotypes. If I ever worked at a BMV office, I’d totally be extremely pleasant. Just because.

In other news, The Dog(run) Diaries has been submitted to The PW Center to conclude the Core Apprentice nomination process. My fingers have been crossed so tightly, I’m surprised I’m typing so well. Send positive energy.

Also, Tom Jacobson, a gem of a personage and co-artistic director at Ensemble Studio Theatre-LA, read the play and said some very, very nice things as well as passed it along to his co-artistic director to hear her thoughts.

NYC in two weeks to check out “Ghost Light” by Desi Moreno-Penson. I’ve read early drafts of the play and, while I’m sure it’s changed a ton through rehearsal, it’s a very fun, intriquing ride. I can’t wait. If you’re in NYC, check it out.Details here