American Theatre Magazine has been quite good these past two issues. First there was the Still Fresh, Less Flesh article featuring Celebration Theatre’s Michael Shepperd discussing his desire “to make sure we’re not just doing theatre for upper-middle-class, middle-aged white gay men,” and plays that feature gratuitous nudity just to appeal to hay audiences hoping to catch some cock-shots. Read it. It’s a great, inspiring article. Especially for me as a young writer frustrated by “ittle nudie-boy plays” as they’re called in the article.

This month there’s Ace Up His Sleeve: an article about writer Victor Lodato’s “kid’s eye-view dramas” and why his curiosity of the world around him can best be written from a “kid’s eye” or involving those sorts of stories. With The Dog(run) Diaries still undergoing revisions and concerns about it being “another coming of age story”, it was also really great to read this month’s inspiring article.

Also, one of my professors sent me this. Yes.