2011, you’re my boo. You’ve been REALLY great to me so far. Let’s keep it up, eh? And maybe even throw a few more things my way?

Whales and Souls had it’s reading at Incubator Arts Project with the terraNOVA Collective’s Groundbreakers Reading Series, starring the amazing and wonderful Jackie Chung and directed by the super rad Tom Wojtunik. The rehearsal process prior to the public read was TOUGH and called for a lot of hard work/revisions/cutting/adding and I was very proud of the draft that emerged. More info to follow about what’s next for Whales and Souls. I may have some exciting news…mwahahahahaha.


In other news, my play The Dog(run) Diaries is recieving both a staged reading at the Wordsmyth Theatre Company in Houston, TX in April and is also a semi-finalist in this year’s New Play Project with Pandora Productions out of Louisville, KY. Both theatres seem to be great companies so it’ll be exciting to share this play with new audiences, as well as to further revise the play a bit. I’m still not 100% happy with where it’s at, so woo! Exciting opportunities!