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Are you being bugged? Is someone bugging you? Fed up with bugs? Or, are you just BUGGIN’ OUT? On Monday, December 6 the 2010 Groundbreakers take on this tiny but complex word and deconstruct it for a night of buggy plays. Featuring 10-minute plays by the freshest and flyest playwrights around, Halley Feiffer, Lauren Feldman, Andrew Kramer, Nick Mwaluko, and Leah Nanako Winkler. Directed by Carlos Armesto, Shelly Butler, Shay Gines, Jessi D. Hill, and Tom Wojtunik.

BUG OUT! will be on Monday, December 6 at HERE Arts Center (145 Sixth Ave, enter on Dominick Street, one block south of Spring). Doors are at 7:30pm; show starts at 8pm. Tickets are $10 and will be available for purchase at the door. All Proceeds Support the Groundbreakers Playwrights Reading Series in February 2011.

Come check it out! These are some AWESOME playwrights, yo! And my play, We Happy Animals, will be performed!


Interesting Words (from an old man)

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Came across this article and having just finished working on the production of The Dog(run) Diaries, I mostly just cocked an eyebrow and wanted to tell him to shut up.

I use direct address. A lot. And I love it. As a play goer and play creator, I know when the story calls for it.

Yes, I do also acknowledge, the playwright’s desire to talk to audiences via a literal standing and speaking out, can be a way to “cleverly” disguise otherwise difficult challenges in writing…but, I would simply like to say that discussing the “4th Wall” as if it’s a given conceit of the theatre that has always existed (which isn’t, in fact true) or is somehow necessary for storytelling to be effective, makes me cringe. And point the finger to Western-centric narrative constructs that some people feel need to be the precedent for all storytelling. False.

Some Nice Words

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This was blogged about my play:

The play is called The Dog(run) Diaries, by Andrew Kramer. It’s a four-person show about the relationship between a teenage boy and an older man, and it’s fantastic. It’s well-written, the characters are REAL, it’s funny and touching, and I believe it will have a life beyond the two performances we’re being given by the Prospect Theatre Company, as part of their Dark Nights Series. The entire team on this project is smart and talented! If you’re in NYC, we play at 3pm on Saturday, October 23, and 8pm on Sunday the 24th, at the Hudson Guild Theatre, 441 W. 26th Street.

Pretty awesome, right?

Here’s the plug link, duh.

The Danger of Writing “GAY”

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Here’s the deal.
I understand (honestly, I do!) that there isn’t (and shouldn’t be) some monolithic citadel in the gay community dictating the “experiences” of its members, but I can’t help but cringe at many of the stories being told through gay-centered art.

There’s something so unique, something so compelling about the experiences of homosexuals. Simply fuse our gay sensibilities with these experiences, and you’re destined for captivating stories…so why do so many writers fail at capturing it?

The following are book synopsis from an unnamed website from unnamed writers for the sake of anonymity. I wish not to poke-fun or be immature about this. I just want to shake my head at some of the stories being told in an attempt to “capture” or represent the homosexual experiences.

You be the judge.

#1. Christopher has a secret. He loves his older brother, Adam. The problem…Adam is the opposite of gay. Every day is living hell for Chris as he sees his brother parade around with different girls. But on one fateful night, something happens. And things will never be the same…


#2. See what happens to the daydreamers when the pressures of high school close in around them.
If you think our daydreamers have gone through the tough part—coming out—then you’re surely mistaken.
Now that Sam is finally out of the closet, he’s gonna get more grief from the baseball jock, Kevin Hartley. Remember him from Tyler’s fight at the lake party?
And then there’s Alex. Can he and Joey keep a steady relationship now that school’s on again and they go to different ones? Brian doesn’t have a big part in his life anymore, but for some reason, just won’t go away.

Maybe I’m just too hopeful for, you know, original, compelling stories that aren’t about petty superficiality or coming out of the closet?

A Map of Our Country

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Hey- have some press about my play, A Map of Our Country.
It was a real good time. No win, but finals? I’ll take it.

Interview with Sam French

Playbill.com Press Release

And now for those handsome production photos…

good news in the new year!

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Core Apprentice

*Apprentice is not spelled wrong, the “e” is simply cut off- damn coding!

When most are bogged down with trying to make (and keep) resolutions in the new year, I opened my e-mail on this white-out Midwest morning to see this:

Dear Andrew,

Congratulations! You have been chosen as one of the Playwrights’ Center’s Core Apprentices for 09-10. This means that you will receive a fully-funded 10-hour workshop at the Playwrights’ Center with a dramaturg, a director and actors. Your workshop will be scheduled around your availability, and will happen sometime between February and August 2010.

We had more applicants this year than ever before, and an outside panel went through two rounds of readings before choosing the final group. In addition to your workshop, you will receive two pages of feedback on your script submission to help you begin rewriting before your workshop. I will send those pages to you next week.

I will also be sending you a detailed information document next week, but I wanted to tell you the good news before the weekend.

Congratulations, again.

Warm regards,

I can’t wait for this.

Inspiration in the News!

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Oh, my brain- which has currently been focusing on Leviathan Singing needed this. What a headline to wake-up to!

Jellyfish Menace

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