Whales and Souls

A Creature emerges from the lake in a small, rural town to warn the villagers of an impending doom. This one-woman fable delves into the way we relate to the environment and the choices we make to free ourselves from the shackles that bind us to the place called “home”. (1F)

Whales and Souls was developed under the terraNOVA Collective’s Groundbreakers Program.


The Dog(run) Diaries

A dark-comedy about a young boy’s intellectual, emotional and sexual pursuit of his older (and resistant) next-door neighbor. Filled with talking dead sisters, canine-imaginary friends, and summertime blizzards, the play is a post-modern examination on the limits of sexual agency and our preconceived notions of the “predator” and “victim” roles. (2M, 2F)

The Dog(run) Diaries was developed at The Playwrights’ Center in Minneapolis, MN under the Core Apprentice Writer’s program. The play was also performed for two nights at the Hudson Guild Theatre in New York City as part of the Prospect Theatre Company’s Dark Nights Series.


A Map of Our Country

In the volatile lands of the Palestinian Territories and on the night before his life is changed forever, Jaul is confronted by his dead lover, who raises questions about masculinity and honor in times of war. (2M)

A Map of Our Country was one of the Final Fourteen plays performed as a part of the 35th Annual Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Play Festival in NYC.


We Happy Animals

examines the relationship between eroticism, violence, and masculinity. The play presents one summer day in the lives of two Midwestern boys and explores the relationship they had to a local gay teen. (2m)

We Happy Animals was performed at HERE Arts Center as a part of the terraNOVA Collective’s “BUG OUT” Benefit.



Two strangers meet late one night on a city bridge. The men soon discover that they have come to the bridge with the same goal: to commit suicide. Not wanting to jump the same night as the other, a violent debate of race, politics, class and addiction emerges as the two men fight to be the one to carry through with their plan of death. (2M)

Bridge was selected by Cleveland Public Theatre to be a part of their Little Box New Play Reading series. Bridge was also a 2009 semi-finalist for the WordBRIDGE Playwriting Residency in Clemson, SC.



She is a woman of indeterminable age. Maybe 16, maybe 60. He is a man in a uniform. It is a glowing, neon-yellow baby. A classic tale of parental responsibility rendered through a post-modern lens involving glowing babies, monsters with razor blades, and government-administered vaccines. (1F/1M)


Emerald Wounds

What begins as a classic crime tale involving a murderer and the woman who’s come to interview him quickly spirals into a disturbing exploration of the apprehending power of violence, religious fanaticism, and the quest for revenge.  (2M/2F)


Explosion: Day 6

Taking place six days after the end of the world, Explosion Day: 6 is a subversive dark comedy that examines what we will take with us upon leaving this world by confronting ideas of materialism, morals, and religious beliefs and how they affect our daily lives.

(Flexible Casting for M/F)


Something Practical

Myles and Coley live in a city stricken with crime and violence. When a school assignment prompts Myles to want to become a super hero, his imagination (and perhaps reality) take control and allow him to pursue the job of his dreams.



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