So Smooth to Me

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In preparation for the upcoming read of my play, Whales and Souls, I’ve decided to post Neko Case’s cover of the song “Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth”. It’s a super appropriate (albeit obvious and on the nose) song for the play. Except at the end of the song when it gets psuedo-inspirational-choir. Because my play doesn’t end that way. At all.

At any rate, here’s the goddess Neko Case sing the Sparks’ original. Enjoy!


For those of you playing @ home, here are the lyrics:

When she’s on her best behaviour
Dont be tempted by her favours
Never turn your back on mother earth
Towns are hurled from A to B
By hands that looked so smooth to me
Never turn your back on mother earth
Grasp at straws that dont want grasping
Gaze at clouds that come down crashing
Never turn your back on mother earth
Three days and two nights away from my friends
Amen to anything that brings a quick return to my friends
To my friends
Never turn your back on mother earth
I’ll admit I was unfaithful
But from now I’ll be more faithful
Never turn your back on mother
Never turn your back on mother
Never turn your back on mother earth

Groundbreakers Reading Series

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Join us February 9-12 at the Incubator Arts Project (131 East 10th Street at 2nd Avenue), for the second tier in the Groundbreakers Playwrights Group, a five month long program in which playwrights work on a specific script with intent to create a completed draft. Through its three-tired process of table reads, staged readings and main stage productions terraNOVA Collective has cultivated some of the best emerging playwrights in New York City.

Written by Halley Feiffer
Directed by Adam Greenfield
February 9 @ 8pm
Newlywed Laura has a lovely new husband and a lovely new home – her only problem is that pesky mysterious thumping coming from the other room, and the rock that her husband Sidney insists on carrying around at all times. Halley Feiffer’s absurdist comedy curiously uncovers how lies, loss and love combine creating a recipe for redemption, forgiveness and baked seashells.

Written by Leah Nanako Winkler
Directed by Mallory Catlett
February 10 @ 8pm
Mean Girls with bite. Heathers with fangs. Death for Sydney Black follows Nancy, the frumpy new girl at Northeast Valley High as she maneuvers her way through an absurdist deconstruction of a familiar movie genre.  Props fall from the sky and original songs on ukulele frame this wacky world, but a truth about the way girls – and ultimately women – treat each other rises from the extreme imagination of Leah Nanako Winkler. This all female ensemble of five portray girls with ambition, girls aimlessly searching, girls with pom poms, girls with lipstick, and the boys who love them.

Written by Andrew Kramer
Directed by Tom Wojtunik
February 11 @ 8pm
A Creature emerges from the lake in a small, rural town to warn the villagers of an impending doom. This one-woman fable delves into the way we relate to the environment and the choices we make to free ourselves from the shackles that bind us to the place called “home”.

Written by Lauren Feldman
Directed by Jessi D. Hill
February 12 @ 8pm
A magical, lyrical journey into heritage, tradition, religion and humanity. Through vignettes, music and monologues, Lauren Feldman holds up a mirror to 4000 years of Jewish history, reminding us that we’re all descendents from somewhere, and we choose to embrace our lineage, deny it, or wrestle with it. Hilarious and terrifyingly honest, A People gathers a tight ensemble of ten performers, taking on a mass of old and new world personalities to create snippets of life the way we see it, the way we want it to be, and the way it is.