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2011, you’re my boo. You’ve been REALLY great to me so far. Let’s keep it up, eh? And maybe even throw a few more things my way?

Whales and Souls had it’s reading at Incubator Arts Project with the terraNOVA Collective’s Groundbreakers Reading Series, starring the amazing and wonderful Jackie Chung and directed by the super rad Tom Wojtunik. The rehearsal process prior to the public read was TOUGH and called for a lot of hard work/revisions/cutting/adding and I was very proud of the draft that emerged. More info to follow about what’s next for Whales and Souls. I may have some exciting news…mwahahahahaha.


In other news, my play The Dog(run) Diaries is recieving both a staged reading at the Wordsmyth Theatre Company in Houston, TX in April and is also a semi-finalist in this year’s New Play Project with Pandora Productions out of Louisville, KY. Both theatres seem to be great companies so it’ll be exciting to share this play with new audiences, as well as to further revise the play a bit. I’m still not 100% happy with where it’s at, so woo! Exciting opportunities!



good news in the new year!

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Core Apprentice

*Apprentice is not spelled wrong, the “e” is simply cut off- damn coding!

When most are bogged down with trying to make (and keep) resolutions in the new year, I opened my e-mail on this white-out Midwest morning to see this:

Dear Andrew,

Congratulations! You have been chosen as one of the Playwrights’ Center’s Core Apprentices for 09-10. This means that you will receive a fully-funded 10-hour workshop at the Playwrights’ Center with a dramaturg, a director and actors. Your workshop will be scheduled around your availability, and will happen sometime between February and August 2010.

We had more applicants this year than ever before, and an outside panel went through two rounds of readings before choosing the final group. In addition to your workshop, you will receive two pages of feedback on your script submission to help you begin rewriting before your workshop. I will send those pages to you next week.

I will also be sending you a detailed information document next week, but I wanted to tell you the good news before the weekend.

Congratulations, again.

Warm regards,

I can’t wait for this.

my objective is to achieve critical mass

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Daughter of Trinity had a workshop this past week at The Playwrights’ Center in Minneapolis. (Aha! You’ll notice a new title…*nods* product of the workshop)

You really do forget how much of a new life the work takes on when talented actors get ahold of the script and chew on the words.

The best part about the workshop, however, was collaborating with director Steve Moulds and dramaturg Sarah Gioia. I will definitely be holding onto their contact information with the hopes of collaborating in the very near future.

Also? Spoke with Samuel French Literary Coordinator, Ken Dingledine about the possibility of an after-grad internship. It sounds promising.

Many thanks to all those involved in the past week. More photos are here.

The Playwrights’ Center

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Picture 1

The play’s headed to the Playwright’s Center. Leaving on Tuesday bright and early in the morning and will spend the days workshopping the play for it’s reading on Friday. I’m really looking forward to it.