Another draft of The Dog(run) Diaries, is emerging. I’ve been working on the play pretty fiercely the last couple of weeks. The story is here. The characters are here. The comedy, the tragedy. It’s there. The play, however, is not. I’m allowing myself to be brave and am fully committing to writing the play I want to write, the story I want to tell. It’s turning into something quite interesting. Now that the structure and foundation is there, I can go back and rearrange the walls, add plumbing, and turn on the gas. And, I picked up a great resource over at Half-Price Books the other day for .80 cents. (I know! Not even a dollar!) called Dogs Never Lie About Love: Reflections on the Emotional World of Dogs by Jeffrey M. Masson. It’s got great little anecdotes and musing about the complexity and honesty of animals, dogs specifically, and the role they play in our lives as humans. Not at all what the play is about, but allowing me some smiles and interesting thoughts along the way. This passage specifically:

They (dogs) feel more, and they feel more purely and more intensely. By comparison the human emotional landscape seems murky with subterfuge and ambivalence and emotional deception, intentional or not. In searching for why we are so inhibited compared with dogs, perhaps we can learn to be as direct, as honest, as straightforward, and especially as intense in our feelings as dogs are.

Well said. The passage may be going in the play as a quote before the script. It’s not a theme the play addresses in anyway, but for the main character, Auden, it touches upon the refuge he seeks in his dogs. Whether they be real or imaginary.

Three cheers for productivity and great books at a cheap price.